A Step By Step Guide To Fairy Houses

Are you interested in creating a fairy garden? Why not begin by making a fairy house. Fairy houses are very easy to create and allow you to use your creativity to create an interesting and unique item for your landscape. All you need to get started is a wooden birdhouse and items you can find around your yard.

When you are developing a fairy garden and fairy house, think of the things that fairies love, such as birds, flowers and other items from nature. Fairy houses often have a mossy roof; however, the roofs can also be composed of leaves, flower petals, sticks or even pinecone petals. As you can see, all you need is your imagination and things you can find in your landscape to create a beautiful fairy house.


You will need a variety of fairy garden supplies for your creations, complete with a fairy house. These include a wooden birdhouse, dried seed pods, colourful artificial flowers, twigs, sticks, moss, wire snips, a hot glue gun and a small terra cotta pot and tray.

Start by using your hot glue gun and glue the seed pods to the birdhouse. You can use the back of your birdhouse as the front if you do not wish to try and hide the hole in the front of the birdhouse. Make sure that you glue the seed pods to the sides and front of your fairy house.

You can create a door for your fairy house by using your wire snips to cut two equal length twigs and one smaller twig. Glue the two longer pieces on each side and glue the shorter twig above the door. You can create a doorknob by taking apart a silk flower and using the centre. Glue this piece to one side of the door to be used as a doorknob. Once this is complete, it is time to begin hot gluing moss along the eaves of the roof. Then, glue your moss along the roof and on the back of your fairy house. Moss sheets can be purchased at a hobby shop. These sheets are easy to install on a roof. If you prefer a chunkier look, use moss in the landscape or cut the sheets of moss into smaller sections and glue them to your roof.

Once the roof and eaves are covered, use the remaining moss to cover any exposed wood around the foundation of the house. This will help complete the look of your fairy house and allow it to blend seamlessly into your landscape. Finally, build a ladder by cutting two equal length twigs along with some shorter twigs to act as rungs. Assemble your ladder by gluing the pieces together and allow them to thoroughly dry. After you have built your ladder, it is time to decorate your fairy house. Grab your hot glue gun, a few tiny birds, and some artificial flowers and decorate your fairy house.

Step by Step Directions to Create a Fairy Garden

a) Hot glue a variety of seed pods to the sides and front of your birdhouse.

b) Make a door by cutting small twigs and gluing them on top of the seed pods.

c) Remove the petals from an artificial flower and use the centre as a doorknob. Glue this to one side of your door.

d) Glue moss along the eaves of your birdhouse and along the back of the house.

e) Finish the house by gluing moss to the roof of the birdhouse.

f) If there is any exposed wood on your birdhouse, use moss to fill in the exposed areas.

g) Create a ladder with twigs. Cut two twigs of equal length and several shorter twigs to act as rungs.

h) Decorate your fairy house by gluing little birds and flowers to the house.

i) You can build a bird bath by gluing the terra cotta tray to the bottom of a terra cotta pot. Invert the assembly and blue a few birds along the rim of the bird bath.

j) Take your fairy house outside and push a few small twigs into the ground around the fairy house to act as “trees.” Finally, lean the ladder you built against the side of your fairy house, position the bird bath in front of the house and use small pebbles to create a path to your fairy house. Congratulations, you have completed a fairy house and begun a hobby that you and your kids will enjoy! Visit Palmate Gardening on Amazon.com

A Step By Step Guide To Fairy Houses