A Step By Step Guide To Fairy Houses

Are you interested in creating a fairy garden? Why not begin by making a fairy house. Fairy houses are very easy to create and allow you to use your creativity to create an interesting and unique item for your landscape. All you need to get started is a wooden birdhouse and items you can find around your yard.

When you are developing a fairy garden and fairy house, think of the things that fairies love, such as birds, flowers and other items from nature. Fairy houses often have a mossy roof; however, the roofs can also be composed of leaves, flower petals, sticks or even pinecone petals. As you can see, all you need is your imagination and things you can find in your landscape to create a beautiful fairy house.


You will need a variety of fairy garden supplies for your creations, complete with a fairy house. These include a wooden birdhouse, dried seed pods, colourful artificial flowers, twigs, sticks, moss, wire snips, a hot glue gun and a small terra cotta pot and tray.

Start by using your hot glue gun and glue the seed pods to the birdhouse. You can use the back of your birdhouse as the front if you do not wish to try and hide the hole in the front of the birdhouse. Make sure that you glue the seed pods to the sides and front of your fairy house.

You can create a door for your fairy house by using your wire snips to cut two equal length twigs and one smaller twig. Glue the two longer pieces on each side and glue the shorter twig above the door. You can create a doorknob by taking apart a silk flower and using the centre. Glue this piece to one side of the door to be used as a doorknob. Once this is complete, it is time to begin hot gluing moss along the eaves of the roof. Then, glue your moss along the roof and on the back of your fairy house. Moss sheets can be purchased at a hobby shop. These sheets are easy to install on a roof. If you prefer a chunkier look, use moss in the landscape or cut the sheets of moss into smaller sections and glue them to your roof.

Once the roof and eaves are covered, use the remaining moss to cover any exposed wood around the foundation of the house. This will help complete the look of your fairy house and allow it to blend seamlessly into your landscape. Finally, build a ladder by cutting two equal length twigs along with some shorter twigs to act as rungs. Assemble your ladder by gluing the pieces together and allow them to thoroughly dry. After you have built your ladder, it is time to decorate your fairy house. Grab your hot glue gun, a few tiny birds, and some artificial flowers and decorate your fairy house.

Step by Step Directions to Create a Fairy Garden

a) Hot glue a variety of seed pods to the sides and front of your birdhouse.

b) Make a door by cutting small twigs and gluing them on top of the seed pods.

c) Remove the petals from an artificial flower and use the centre as a doorknob. Glue this to one side of your door.

d) Glue moss along the eaves of your birdhouse and along the back of the house.

e) Finish the house by gluing moss to the roof of the birdhouse.

f) If there is any exposed wood on your birdhouse, use moss to fill in the exposed areas.

g) Create a ladder with twigs. Cut two twigs of equal length and several shorter twigs to act as rungs.

h) Decorate your fairy house by gluing little birds and flowers to the house.

i) You can build a bird bath by gluing the terra cotta tray to the bottom of a terra cotta pot. Invert the assembly and blue a few birds along the rim of the bird bath.

j) Take your fairy house outside and push a few small twigs into the ground around the fairy house to act as “trees.” Finally, lean the ladder you built against the side of your fairy house, position the bird bath in front of the house and use small pebbles to create a path to your fairy house. Congratulations, you have completed a fairy house and begun a hobby that you and your kids will enjoy! Visit Palmate Gardening on Amazon.com

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Finding Digital Mapping Services For Architects

These days, architects are using a variety of digital mapping services and these services make it easy for them to see an accurate map of their chosen area in the scale that they require. An architect won’t have to pull out a physical map to figure things out; they’ll be able to do everything digitally.

It’s likely that you will have several different mapping services to choose from so you will want to think about all of the different choices you have before settling on something that will suit your requirements. If you follow these tips, you should be able to find a service that compliments your needs.

Ask Other Architects

It is likely that you will already know a number of other people in this industry, so ask them which digital mapping services they use and see if there are any that they would recommend to you. When you talk to other professionals, you’ll be able to get feedback from people that are actually using these mapping services in the same way that you would. Their opinions can be extremely valuable to you when making an initial choice.

Look At The File Types Available

The programs you use to complete jobs will have an impact on the file types that you need. Not every file type is compatible with every type of computer. Figure out what kind of files you need for your programs. From there, look for a digital mapping service that will let you obtain files of that type so that you don’t waste your time and money on a product that won’t work for you. It is also important to be able to access maps of various scales so that you can provide all the proposals that you need.

Look At Pricing

Not all digital mapping services are priced in the same way. Take a closer look at some of the choices you have, see what various services offer and what they charge. You need to get value for money but also be able to use the software in the way that you need it to work. In some cases, it may make sense to pay a little bit more so that you get exactly what you need. Most architect firms need access to Ordnance Survey maps, these are copyrighted and must be purchased from a licensed supplier. This could narrow down your choices but you can be confident that you are being provided with the very best maps that money can buy.

Think About Ease Of Use

The best services are the ones that are extremely easy to use. If you can get access to and use the maps you need without much effort, this will be the one for you. Make sure you know what scale your local authority require for planning permission submissions, you will need to have access to that scale in order to provide plans that conform with regulations.

As you can see, there are lots of ways that an architect can find a great digital mapping service. Make sure that you don’t ignore any of your options. The more you know about the choices you have, the easier it will be for you to find the service you’ll appreciate the most.

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Real Estate: What a Beginner Realtor should know

The first months of a beginner realtor are not easy but this does not mean that you should quit. The task ahead is great but so are the rewards. There are tips from veterans in the field to help you go about.

Decide What Kind of Business You Want to Build

Avoid a common mistake of many new practitioners and don’t spread yourself too thin. You’ve already stated that you want listings, so let’s start there. Ask yourself if there is a way to narrow your search for clients with listings. Most practitioners accomplish this by choosing a neighborhood to farm, or by specializing in a certain type of home, such as new homes in master-planned communities, older homes of historical interest, or condos and town homes. Is there an area or type of home that interests you? By focusing on a niche, you can become known as the expert.

Don’t be afraid that you will miss business by not becoming a general real estate practitioner. You have to keep your time, advertising costs, and other limiting factors in mind. If you’re going to farm a neighborhood, a good way to start is by hanging fliers, sending mailers, and knocking on doors to introduce yourself.

Sourced from:http://realtormag.realtor.org/sales-and-marketing/feature/article/2005/06/how-does-rookie-get-listings

It is said that luck is when opportunity meets preparation. The same happens in the real estate industry. If you are a beginner realtor then you have to prepare yourself so as to be successfully. This means doing presentations so that sellers can have you work for them. It is therefore important to know the questions that will be thrown at you.

“What are your credentials? What makes you the right person to sell my home?”

Off the bat, sellers will want to know if your qualifications meet their standards for representation. So, present all certifications and designations you have as a real estate agent. Realtors who’ve earned accreditations through the National Association of REALTORS® should make that known. Sellers may not be familiar with each official title, but your position establishes you as dedicated and knowledgeable.

“How are you better than other local agents? What makes you different?”

First off, don’t use the word “better” during real estate listing presentations. In fact, don’t compare yourself to other agents at all. Saying you’re a step above the competition can come off as arrogant. While you should be confident in your own work as an agent, it’s not worth positioning yourself as above other real estate pros by disparaging them to prop yourself up.

Sourced from:https://placester.com/real-estate-marketing-academy/real-estate-listing-presentation-questions-tips/


As a beginner there is need for you to know that you will be dealing and meeting with all sorts of characters. There are those who understand your line of work and those who believe that you are out to fleece them.

“Since I get paid on commission – the more you get for your house, the more I get paid so we both want the same thing”. This is one of the biggest lies in real estate. Yes, mathematically an agent will get more commission if your house is sold for a higher price but the problem is the amount of time it might take to get that higher price is not worth the extra commission. For example if your house has a market value of $400,000 then your agent’s cut might be 2.5% or $10,000. If you are patient and wait for someone to come along who will pay $410,000 then the agent will make $10,250 for an extra $250. To get this $250 they might have to do several open houses and wait quite a while. Clearly they are better off just selling the house for $400k (or even less) and taking their $10,000. The problem is that the difference in selling price to the agent is pocket change but the difference to the homeowner is huge since we are talking about a $10k difference.

Sourced from:http://www.moneysmartsblog.com/why-you-cant-trust-real-estate-agents-when-selling-a-house/

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